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The message you are about to read implies that you understand the fundamentals of Earth2 project.


  1. Introduction
  2. Decentralized City Network «Ether City»
  3. Structure and opportunities
  4. Player’s Sooth
  5. DeClan’s Sooth
  6. Ether City’s Sooth
  7. Conclusion


Do you know what have taught us the story of /wallstreetbets and GameStop? Apart, from the fact that lawyers are the real moneymakers here. Well, we had just witnessed the unique story of how the power is available for everyone.

In the new decade we will see the first real signs of understanding the human’s freedom. Via virtuality and decentralization, each one of us will blur the borders between countries, nations, religious and symbols.

The greatest responsibility fell on Earth2 developers. And as the first «player one» our task is to show this world how the power can be spread and designated to everyone. By true rules and open algorithms.

We can achieve this by connecting with each other, creating cyber economy inside communities, messengers and clans.

How so?!

If you deep dive into the meaning of /wallstreetbets wave, you will realize that cryptocurrencies really work. This whole situation is the great example of how the decentralized (as in crypto) community organized the nature of human being. It’s not perfect. But it is a step.

Yes, human being is a liar. Human being is a thief. Human being has a limited mind control. But what a potential if we gather all these energies and habits in one place and develop an algorithm where everyone can become anyone, starting from zero point. It is a long run, but we’ve made this tremendous step already.

We need to create the free market economy. It is possible and we must arrange an advantageous ecosystem for cryptocurrency so the Earth2 developers could boost their ideas further.

Because in this case the two main ingredients for our success are:

  • Up-to-date updates from Earth2 team
  • Organized communities

I go all-in for believing in the first point. And put myself responsible for achieving the second one. I won’t stop repeating. We should gather together as tight as possible. For the sake of knowledge and future. And it doesn’t matter who you really are. Investor, trader, freelancer, scamer, the friend of your friend or average Joe. You will find your place on Earth2 and in the Decentralized City Network «Ether City».

Decentralized City Network «Ether City»

«Space, electricity, apps, internet, decentralization, crypto, intellect and soul» - that is our creed.

For thousands of years human being executes only one function. And this is the connection with the world. Each action we take is because of that function. And such things as food, music and sex are the tools to keep this function able to work. Connection’s processes inhabit in the space of eternity called Ether. In here where people, their desires, energies and Ether itself unite.

Mostly, because of that theory we are creating the Ether City. The first Decentralized City Network for shared power and free market economy.

There is only one rule to apply for Decentralized Citizenship (DC) in Ether City.

«If you dont fear the truth and lie, then you are in»

All you need to do now is to understand which role you want to get in this story.


Structure and opportunities

As you can see we have a strong trend for building cities in Earth2. The places of ideologies, missions and greed. I think it’s awesome. It feels like life. But kind of a primitive life. And if you don’t know, but the primitives always become dinner for the ones who develop faster. That’s why we are not going to wait anymore and engage in this Wild West game of virtual greed.

Ether City consists of:

  • Players with different roles.
  • Decentralized Clan (or DeClan as we call it) in Discord. The parliament for discussing and developing our City.
  • EtherCity land on Earth2 platform.

Enter via discord -

When you first entered the DeClan you should get ready and define who you want to be. You can be anyone. Land Owner, Builder, Trader or nobody. You can always change from one role to another and as many times as desired. But be honest with yourself.

Each role has a simple list of settings for applying.


The decentralized parliament of Ether City. It consists of multi level rooms and chats. Each player has an open space to observe the DeClan. Each player has an opportunity to observe and gather the information for its own sake. By entering the DeClan you become an important part of Ether City.

Ether city Network

Each city on Earth2 has borders. Yes you can expand. But what’s the point doing so in particular places? Especially when you can travel in no time from one place to another. That’s why in Ether City we stick to idea of «How», not «where» to develop our network. It doesn’t matter if you want your city to be in Dubai or Antarctica. Build it anywhere you want. Just purchase the land in the shape of Ethereum Symbol (Ether) and register it in DeClan. Or you can join the Ethers by buying land around it as close as possible and register in DeClan too.

We don’t need to limit ourselves by calling borders. This way we create the wealthy environment with abundance of resources and connections. Trade with other players, develop your Ether, build, create jobs and don’t stop.

Remember, you can always come to DeClan for support.


Here is our connection to Earth2 concept. Everything we get from developers should be used for good and entertainment.

Each of the next opportunities will be used and abused from the bottom to the top:

  • Jobs market
  • Invest pools and financial support organized by the people of Ether City
  • Resource mining
  • Building
  • Trading and developing the free market economy
  • Tourism
  • Advertising
  • DeClan development
  • Player support
  • Content creation

All these will be planned and organized in DeClan. In return you will get:

  • Unique place where people trade with each other for a better deals, than anywhere else
  • Huge market with abundance of offers
  • System to auto control your city
  • Free and open information about development of Ether City, that can be used for your advance to make more money
  • Mental health support

Player’s Sooth

This is something we may call the rule book. But actually it’s just a common sense. It’s better to read them, so you won’t get frustrated (even more than you are now).

  1. Player respects other Players, no matter what
  2. Player shouldn’t violate the rights of another Player
  3. Player can support any religious beliefs, sexual orientation and intellect. Separately or at the same time
  4. Player follows the conception of Free Market Economy and Space as in Ether
  5. Player has a right to have ideas, even if they are «Genious»
  6. Player might think he is a better version of another Player. But never violates the first Sooth.
  7. Player respects DeClan
  8. Player deserves only the best - emotions, feelings, hatred, happiness, madness. If player doesn’t have any of these. Player will get it. No matter who he is in Offline life.
  9. The magic of understanding humor is the magic of fuel that pushes Ether City to the limit
  10. Player has a right to be greedy, honest, liar and supportive. With the real consequences from other players.
  11. You are the DC of Ether City

DeClan’s Sooth

This is a great place. And we will keep it clean.

  1. DeClan works for the sake of Player and Ether City only.
  2. DeClan works 24/7
  3. The main Declan’s task is to minimize and prevent risks that might launch the useless Players’ experience protocol.
  4. DeClan coordinates and looks after the main Conception of Ether City.

Ether City’s Sooth

The Decentralized City Network can be perceived as the city centers connected for thefuture capabilities. And this Sooth is intended to implement it.

  1. The development begins from the point when Player became aware of Ether City’s existence
  2. City Centers should have a land in the shape of Ether
  3. City Centers are made for making money and helping people by providing services
  4. The network of cities lives on Earth2 until it stops. And support each other till the day they die


You can only compare the beauty of Ether City with the future Ether City. We will leave it to our descendants, we will leave them such a unique story how one day the World changed again.

There is a lot on our path. Stress-test will be huge, but the reward…it’s already here.

«Ether City» is the first decentralized city.

If you are here, it means you’ve discovered something unique and special.